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Laboratory of Processing Industrial Waste

Laboratory of Processing Industrial Waste (LSPO) was established by signing the contract between Department of Non-ferrous Metals and Waste Treatment and Research and Development center of Železiarne Podbrezová, s.r.o. signed on the 5th international scientific conference Waste – Secondary Raw Materials 5, held on 4. – 7. 6. 2013 in Liptovsky Jan.The existence of the laboratory was established by the contract which was signed 4. 6. 2013 by vice-rector for education on TUKE prof. Pavel Raschman, dean of Faculty of Metallurgy doc. Peter Horňák, head of Department of Non- ferrous metals and waste treatment prof. Tomáš Havlík and director of ŽP Research and Development center, s.r.o., prof. Ľudovít Parilák. The contract between KNKaSO HF TUKE and ŽP VVC, s.r.o. establishing LSPO is significant step for both institutions as a result of long-term cooperation in the field of processing wastes generated during steelmaking process in ŽP, a.s.. The LSPO will create a space for close cooperation between university and industry; providing suitable technical and material conditions for research and development in the field of recycling metal-bearing wastes. 

More information available at: www.lspo.sk

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