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Institute of Recycling Technologies

Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling
Technical University of Kosice

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Bachelor’s (Bc.) degree study:

Secondary Raw Materials and Waste III. Bc. Summer
Methodology of Sampling> III. Bc Winter
Waste Disposal III. Bc. Summer
Non-Ferrous Metals III. Bc Winter
Hazardous Waste Management III. Bc Winter
Industry Ecology II. Bc Winter
Influence of Industry on Environment II. Bc Winter
Basic Informations on Waste I. Bc. Summer
Basic of Powder Metallurgy III. Bc Winter
Environment and Non-Ferrous Metals III. Bc Winter
Fundamentals of Mineral Dressing II. Bc. Summer

Enginner’s (Ing.) degree study:

Hydrometallurgical Processes I. Ing Winter
Environmental Aspects of Light Metals Production I. Ing. Summer
Environmental Aspects of Heavy Metals Production I. Ing. Summer
Light Metals I. Ing. Summer
Recovery of Metals and Alloys from Wastes I. Ing. Summer
Refining Processes and High Purity Materials I. Ing Winter
Phase Separation and Equipment in Hydrometallurgy I. Ing. Summer
Metallic Wastes Treatment I. Ing. Summer
Municipal Waste Treatment I. Ing. Summer
Hazardous Waste Treatment II. Ing Winter
Precious Metals Processing and Utilization II. Ing Winter
Industrial Waste Processing II. Ing Winter
Specials Materials and Technologies II. Ing Winter
Theory and Methods of Experiments II. Ing. Summer
Heavy Metals I. Ing. Summer
Precious and Rare Metals II. Ing Winter
Production and Processing of Powder Metals and Alloys I. Ing. Summer
Acquisition of Processing and Scientific Information II. Ing. Summer

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