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Institute of Recycling Technologies

Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling
Technical University of Kosice

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Bachalor's Theses

Procedures at chosing the topic of bachelor thesis

  1. A student choses a topic.
  2. His/Her chosing will personally discuss with a potential supervisor
  3. After consultation will apply for a topic on the secretary of IRT (Mrs. Sebekova)
  4. More than one student can apply for one topic
  5. A supervisor will chose a student for a topic on the basis of his own criterium
  6. Students who will not chosen by a supervisor have to apply for another topic
  7. If a student will not chose a topic, head of the department will assign a topic to a student
  8. After chosing a topic, student has to register his topic into MAIS

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